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The Harry Lange Star Wars Collection, Prop Store Online 5–19 April 2019

We are delighted to have brought to auction the ‘Harry Lange Star Wars Collection’ comprising 70 lots of previously unseen original concept drawings, blueprints and stills from ‘Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope’ (1977), to be offered in an online sale by Prop Store of London between 5–19 April 2019.

Lange’s background at NASA helped inform his work as the art director and set dresser for the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy. Having been previously nominated for an Academy Award for his work on Stanley Kubrick’s ground breaking ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (1968), Lange was ideally placed to bring George Lucas’s vision for ‘Star Wars’ to life.

In his introduction to the auction catalogue, Lange’s son John recalls going with his father in search of inspiration… “I vividly remember accompanying my Father with a wheelbarrow and combed the aircraft breakers’ yards around Heathrow Airport in the hunt for unusual and interesting scrap metal and components that could be integrated into props and sets. Everything was costed by weight and then transported back to the studio and the process of design would begin. Frequent visits to hardware and plumbing stores were full of intergalactic possibilities … much of Harry’s original designs for the interior of the Millennium Falcon grew out of the objects found.”

Amongst the highlights of the auction are 45 original drawings by Lange which give the first glimpse of the now iconic ‘Star Wars’ range of star ships and weaponry, including:

Lot 2 – an original drawing of the Millennium Falcon corridor [28 x 35 cm.], estimate: £2,000–3,000
Sold for £3,125
Lot 4 – an original drawing of the exterior and interior view of the Millennium Falcon laser cannon with crew operator [35 x 34 cm.], estimate: £3,000–5,000
Sold for
Lot  31 – an original drawing in white pencil on black paper of the Death Star interior featuring the Interrogation Droid [15 x 25 cm.], estimate: £1,500–2,500
Sold for £3,400
Lot 33 – an original drawing of the Death Star console [21.5 x 31 cm.], estimate: £2,000–3,000
Sold for £3,750
Lot 34 – an original drawing of the Interrogation Droid [22.5 x 19 cm.], estimate; £4,000–6,000 (the final prop for the Interrogation Droid was made from R2-D2 domes)
Sold for £5,250
Lot 70 – an original drawing showing two elevations of a Land Speeder [23 x 30 cm.], estimate: £4,000–6,000
Sold for £5,000

For further details and to view the catalogue online or order the print catalogue, please see

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